As adults, we all have the option to go anywhere in the world and make the career choices we find suite us best. And at anytime, we have the choice to change things up and do something new in life. With that being said, June 11, 2012, I have a chance to create something new for myself. My lease will be up and I will have completed my graduate degree. It is the opportune time for me to move anywhere and do what makes me happy and hopefully others on the way.

Three years ago I moved to NYC. It probably has been the most challenging years of my life. It has helped me recognize I want to live simply and enjoy life instead of chasing after it. I often think of Costa Rica and the countries slogan Pura Vida “pure life,” or also said to mean “Full of Life” “Purified life”, “This is living!”, “Going great!” and to live life slowly. Costa Rica is a place I think of often and with great respect for their simple but honest way of life.

Living in America we all tend to be filled with the idea more is better and the bigger the better. But the problem with this idea is more means less, less money because you spent all of your money on your big house and all of the things you had to have to fill it up. Now you have to work harder to pay off your debt and get more because you can never have enough! Why not have just what you need or try to live with in your means? Be creative with what you already have or could have. Can you get it free, recycled, or does it already exist laying around in your home in another form? Do you really need a 2000 sqft house when you only really spend the majority of your time in about 500 sqft of it?

These are things I think of all of the time. And since I will be moving soon, I have been thinking a lot about where and what I will be living in. I spend a lot of my time looking at tiny house blogs, architecture sites, and searching for land in my favorite places around the world. My goal is to build cheap, recycled, off the grid and for close to nothing. It shouldn’t be too difficult. Landfills in America are filled with more than 50% of excess building material waste. Sounds like a free home to me. It’s just a matter of resources, planning, and patience.

For most of my life I have been interested in working with my hands, building, architecture, and realestate. Ultimately it comes back to the basic need and interest in shelter. For the last five years, I have seriously been considering building a tiny home. Come June the quest will begin. Now, the questions I have yet to answer for myself are: where will I build my home? And will it be on wheels or not?

I have done a lot of research on tiny house builders like Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, Portland Alternative Dwellings, and Texas Tiny Houses. With the exception of Texas Tiny Houses, they are built on a flat bed trailer, making them mobile…ready to go whenever you are. And then there is the container home. This is something a little less used and there isn’t really a company “building” or capitalizing on the concept in America just yet. My guess is because of the difficulties determining if it is a mobile home or a modue home. As a module home, one would most likely have to get a building permit to be an official dwelling, which could be difficult depending on the area you are in. It could be an “accessory building.” This is great, but only if you already have a home on the land.

The container home is still a fairly new concept in America with very few of them around. But it seems to be a growing interest. It makes complete sense to me. You already have a welded frame for the price of about $2500. Put about 2-4 containers together and you have a good part of you home finished already. Personally, I would be fine with just one container with nice attached patio for lounging.



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