A home is the s…

A home is the single most largest consumer purchase a person will make. I see no reason for this burden unless a person wants to be tied down with mortgage bills and the constant maintenance of a large home. With this said, I’m building tiny. As an artist and an experienced builder, I have great enthusiasm for creating, frugality, recycling and challenging what one would think to be out of the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Building a tiny house, I would be doing something I love while reducing construction waste, and reusing. This idea is so exciting, eventually I would like to share the experience with many others by offering the opportunity to stay in a tiny home. A tiny house vacation rental. Given the increasing number of people involved in the tiny house movement, there are so many more people who love the idea of a tiny house, but are not sure about being able to make the huge (but tiny) transition themselves. This will give a person the opportunity to try it out for size for a few days, or a week or two.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about where I would like to live. I have some simple but very important concerns to take into consideration. I have a partner and two dogs who have to be happy where we go. Are there jobs in the nearby area, and will the dogs have some land to run around on? Where can I live and build/ nest this tiny home/s without upsetting the neighbors? What is the best geographic area to be in? For a tiny rental/s, it would be great to be in a desirable location (sight seeing, vacation local).

I often imagine living near the coast or in the desert. After all, the desert was once the sea. Ideally, I want to be out west. I have considered seeking out areas that don’t have building codes, but I don’t think that is the route I want to necessarily take. These locations tend to be extremely remote. Instead, I have chosen to investigate general building codes and read blogs like Sustainable Building Codes that have useful information. It is really important to know the building codes in a county or you can get yourself in a big mess. You should know your rights, or you don’t have any. This video is a good example about the battle over California land and its building codes. A few locations I have been seriously considering are: New Mexico, Arizona, California and Costa Rica.


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