What to do?

It has only been a few days and I am already missing NYC. I glanced at a few photos I snapped of our small apt on the way out on our last day and it feels so “in loving memory.” I will really miss NYC.

We are spending a few months in Ohio with family. Ohio will be a great place to build our first tiny house. There is a Habitat for Humanity Restore in the next town over and we’re about 40 minutes from Cleveland. There should be some really great salvage shops in the city.

We just started getting into the interior design of the house. We know we want a larger kitchen and a smaller bathroom. The bathroom has been a hot topic. We originally wanted an incinerating toilet but I don’t think that will be possible because the bathroom will be so small. We’re planning on turning the whole room into a wet room. We can’t have a toilet that runs off electric in a wet room. A composting toilet is a little too big for the 2×4 space we were planning. So the toilet is still up in the air. We are still in the beginning design stages. We need to look at a few other plans to see what worked for others. It is possible we may end up with a RV toilet.


The outside design was a pretty easy decision. It was either a flat roof at the maximum height or a traditional style house roof- gabled. Neither of us wanted our house to look like a trailer, but we wanted to max out the height. We thought dormers would work the best. We are interested in a design similar to the Protohaus, but we plan on adding more windows and designing it as a passive solar home. Potentially the flat roofed house would suit other design ideas in the future, possibly a container home. There is one thing we know for sure and that is we do not want to add a porch…that can come later. We plan on adding in on wherever we are semi-perminatley with the home. This way we can use the maximum sq ft for the internal space.


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