Headed West

Today we are headed west. We own a house in Colorado and it needs some work and we have to get it rented out asap. Sometimes owning a house out of state is a pain but then again it gives us a reason to take a road trip, and spend some time in Colorado with friends and family. Oh yah, not to mention it is tax deductible 🙂

We found a potential 480 sqft “shit shack”
(what I call the remnants from the 50’s homesteads) with 5 acres, power and water. It is very exciting to think we may have found a place. As of now, we are seriously considering taking the 16 hour drive out to California to check it out after we are finished in Colorado.

For the last 7 months I have been watching the market in JT and only two other properties have come up in the same price range for property with water, electric , and a shit shack on 5 acres. The other two past me buy I thought about often and said I don’t want to let another slip by. They are rarities for this price.

As for the design of the tiny house, We keep going back and forth between a traditional gable roof with dormers or flat roof to maximize head space and storage. The later would be the easiest but we are up for the challenge. I think it is more of matter of what is appealing to both of us. We will be responsible for our design choices so it makes it a little more difficult. We still have time. But once we get back to Ohio, it is time to build!






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