California bound!!!


California bound!!! 3 dogs, 3 people and bags crammed into a jeep. yahoo! Road trip. We are on our way to check out the property we made an offer on. It’s best we see it first before we shell out the cash for a property we will be living on. We are keeping our fingers crossed!!

It was nice to reach Wolf Creek pass 10770 ft @ the continental divide. It has been a long time since I have been on the western slope. California here we come.

In Pagosa Springs, Colorado checking out a hot springs.20120627-183544.jpg

Driving through a storm outside of Durango, Colorado20120627-224137.jpgWe decided to stop in a town near the four corners in Cortez, Colorado. It looks like it had its’ boom in the 50’s and it has kept the same visual personality since. 10 1/2 hrs to go tomorrow.20120627-225901.jpg


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