In Joshua Tree


We are in Joshua tree and i am loving being back!!! Finally we saw the Land and shit shack we put an offer on. The land has a really good feel. It is positioned near Shadow Mountain and the views are incredible. The shit shack needs a ridiculous amount of work. And we are not even sure if it has water on the property. The pipes into the house were never plumbed. and the mechanics in the box have been pulled out. The real-estate agent called the water company and the water company said the owners have been paying the flat rate every month of $23.00 to keep it connected. So we are keeping our fingers crossed the water pulled into the house would not be too costly. Monday we have a plumber coming out to give us a bid (a free way to get answers). We are hoping for the best because we both love the property.

The power has also been disconnected from the shit shack which means we will have to pay $1000- 2000 to get it reconnected. The main support for the roof support has cracked because vandals kicked out a supporting wall. Other than that bird, rat an who knows what other poop covers the walls and floors. But we still want it. The big ??? To be answered is the cost of the water and that will be the determined factor in this decision.


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