We went into the title agency this morning, signed some papers and slapped down some cash on our soon to be 5 acre plot with a shit shack.

We met with the plumber yesterday and he said that the water line from the water meter has never been run to the house or into the house, which we suspected since we couldnt find pioes in the house. It was finally confirmed by the plumber. He quoted us $1600 to run it to the house and another $300-400 to stub into the house. Our real estate agent said this is something we could do easily ourselves. She continued to tell us she did it herself at her house. She said she rented a ditch witch and and it was about $75 in parts.

After learning the new information, we offered 16% off the asking price. They accepted!

Right now we are on our way back to Colorado to go over a few things with our new renters and then we are off to Ohio. Once we get there, we finally begin building our tiny house.


I think we will all be missing Joshua Tree and taking showers outdoors at Pipers awesome vacation rental. Until late August or early September JT!



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