Heading back east


After not sleeping much last night- thanks to some neighborhood dogs, we pulled out of the drive at 314am.


We are happy to be heading back east It will be nice to be out of the car. In the last 3 weeks we have spent 8 days traveling via mostly highway.

Over the last few weeks we have decided to do a shed roof on the tiny house. We are still figuring out the trailer. Part of the design is to have two sliding glass doors on one side of the tiny house. A trailer with the tires under frame would work best because we wouldn’t have to work around or above the wheel well with the sliding glass doors.


Whereas the flatbed trailer without the wheel well allows us to put the sliding glass doors anywhere we like and not have to worry about raising it above the wheel well if we chose to center the two sliding glass doors. I don’t like the idea of having to step down into the house because we raised the doors off of the wheel well. The only problem using the the flat bed trailer with wheels beneath is it raises the trailer and we would lose almost an entire foot off of the house height. DOT says 13′ 6″ in height. It comes down to design vs more head space.


On our way out to CA we witnessed a utility trailer towing a van fishtail, go out of control and flip. It has really gotten us thinking we are crazy for building a tiny house on almost the opposite coast from where we are moving it to. I am defiantly getting sway bars for the trailer. We will be taking the slow scenic route and avoiding most interstate highways.


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