NO Tiny house here…

Well its been a while since I posted anything. We have had our share of learning experiences since we got back from out west. We were determined to get building asap when we got back. The day after we found what we thought to be the perfect 20′ tandem axle trailer on for a fair price. It occurred to me in my half asleep state that night, I didn’t look at the tongue of the trailer. The rest of the night I couldn’t sleep. I got up as soon as the sun came up and went outside to look at it. Sure enough the tongue of the trailer stopped at the front. Below is a picture of an example of what it looked like but its not the actual trailer. I never had a chance to take pictures of the trailer because we returned it to the owner (thankfully the guy was understanding enough and NICE). The tongue is essentially the support for the full weight bearing on the top of the trailer and it is standard to have the tung run all the way back to the wheels. I wasn’t about to take the chance 10,000 LBS was going to be held up by the weld made at the beginning of the trailer. So a sweet guy named Klaus from Oregon allowed us to return it to him for a case of beer.

poor trailer design, horrible support for tiny house

The rest of the week we went back and forth about the design of our future trailer foundation. What brand do we use, do we really want a 20′ trailer, do we want to special order it, and should we build it out to the 8’6″ road legal width ourselves or buy it already built out from a trailer manufature? Many other important thoughts and concerns were addressed. The weight distribution was a big concern. Since we decided on building a a passive solar house with a shed roof, the tiny house would have a lot of windows, big windows. And windows are not light weight nor is the side of the house with height. Common sense tells you this sounds like the majority of the weight will be on one side of the trailer, not the smartest thing when you are traveling 45+ hours to California. Hmmm… 45+ hours…doesn’t sound like an enjoyable trip lugging a tiny big house behind you with all your belongings/vehicles/ and pets. We decided to be safe and not compromise what we finally designed. So what one morning we woke up smart and decided we will not be building it here out east. WHAT A RELIEF! We were concerned it may potentially become a major problem while traveling. So were hitting the PAUSE button for a while on building a tiny house on wheels.

OK so yeah…no tiny house on wheels but we will still be living inside of a really great wheeled character called a SCAMP! Three years ago we parted with our 16′ Scamp when we moved to NYC and has since sat at my mother-in-laws home. She has decidedly unleashed the creature upon us while we fix up our Joshua Tree Homestead we recently purchased. We are happy to have the chance to live in the Scamp for a little bit and build some new memories in it.

1989 16′ Scamp


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