What now

The plan is to head out to California, stopping in Colorado to pick up our old 16′ Scamp and move it to California. It will be our humble home for a while as we work on our JT homestead. Since we will be living in our Scamp, it will give us that extra push to get the small house fixed up.

First on our list is to buy a cargo container, have it dropped on our land and unload our things into it. It will be great storage until the small house is finished and then we can begin to work on transforming the container into a super amazing container home. There is this place in JT that sells 20′ containers for $2860 and 40′ for $3250. The guy does delivery for $150 an hour. Pretty reasonable price considering a trailer base with wheels is anywhere from $2000 and up. A cargo container is a almost indestructible finished house frame.



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