On the road again…


Day four of our road trip out west and we are traveling with the semi finished Shasta that has spent most of its life sitting in someone’s field. So far so good. It has taken us four days to drive 24 hours.

After picking up our belongings in Colorado, we will continue the last leg of our trip to our new home in Joshua Tree California. My wife said something funny the other day. “We are moving to a house we bought that is pigeon infested, rat infested, and snake infested and we don’t have jobs… are we crazy? I never really thought of it that way which made it that much funnier. Probably because I realized she is right. It is kind of crazy when thinking of it that way. We are moving without a real home or jobs. The house doesn’t have electricity, water or even plumbing and not much of a roof. The 5 acres of land the Homestead sits on is most likely snake infested and I am nervous to let my dogs run around on the property. So for a month we will be staying at a vacation rental we found on Airbnb. The house is in the middle of a renovation so it is fairly reasonable. Considering we never built a tiny house and we can’t live in the camper until it cools off a bit (we don’t want our dogs to become hotdogs), our options are limited.  Regardless of all the challenges ahead I look forward to continuing on with this new adventure.


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