Day 5

After stopping in Colorado and loading the moving truck we decided to stay one more night in Colorado.

Day six has been a pretty incredible day so far. We made it over Raton pass without any problems. And then we stopped to get gas and noticed one of the tires on the car hauler seem to be tilted. After moving the car a little bit seemed to straighten out. We thought it might have been because it was parked on an incline. Being safe we still called Penske. And ski told us to go to a shop nearby they dealt with. They were closed. On the way back to the freeway we noticed an antique store. We stopped and scored a $20 vitamix. What an unbelievable find.

So back to the tilted wheel. I made sure I type all of the Lugnuts on the wheels and were just keep an eye on see if any thing funky happens. So far so good.

My GPS tells me that we have 848 miles to go and 12 hours 19 minutes. Today is Saturday I’m guessing will be getting in on Monday Monday morning if we are real lucky.



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