Slow moving

A lot has happened but very little has been done. In the last two weeks we have managed to get the homestead cabin cleaned out. The pigeons have been officially evicted. And a new roof is presently being put on. So far it has been dried in. Two days ago we went over to Mark for the fence and water line. It was more difficult than we thought. We are trying to save as much money on the property as possible. And the fence itself may be as costly as the roof. We never did end up marking for the water line. After deliberating for three hours over the fence I couldn’t take being in the snake chaps anymore. My legs were soaking wet sweat.

There are so many options for fencing and we are exploring them. Below are some images of some places off of in the Joshua Tree area.





Some people utilize free or cheap materials. Like rock is completely free. There’s a nice big mountain right by our house with all the free rock we could ever want or need. it’s just a matter of physical labor. Lots of labor!

These last few pictures are of the interior cleaned out and the roof ripped off. I think it was at this point that I realized we really took on a lot.


IMG_0229 IMG_0230


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