A lot has happened since I last updated. We ordered the roofing, picked up the roofing, and it is sitting inside our cabin. We are going to put it on this weekend. We put in the water main from the street to the cabin.


After looking at the windows a little closer, we realized they were too far beyond repair. Hesitantly and sadly, we removed the windows. Since there were’nt doors to begin with, it  wasn’t much of an issue. However, we searched everywhere for old doors and couldn’t find any. We went to restores, thrift/ antique stores, and we even stopped at JT windows and doors to see if they kept any of their old doors from jobs they did in the past.  No luck. Ultimately, we ordered new doors with the windows, arriving on the 16th of October. Pretty soon it’s going to start to look Like a livable Cabin.

Today I am painting in 100° weather. I picked out a color very similar to the original stain once used on the cabin. It is close to the color of rust so it will look nice with the cold rolled steel after it starts to rust and it doesn’t look too bad with the pink colored blocks.


Instead of trying to figure out the layout with the bathroom originally located in the middle of the space, we called a plumber to find out what is possible. That is when we found out we can’t use the existing plumbing because the sewer drain pipe is too shallow to hook up to a septic tank and there is not enough space between the shower, sink and toilet per code enforcement. So now we are going to have to pay someone to rip up our floor to install pipes in our concrete slab. This place hasn’t been cheap!


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