Last night we went to Home Depot and had a designer help us brain storm over our kitchen and bath. Having a third party involved helped us see things in a different way, however, the designs were not the best ideas for the space. The main support column is less than a foot away from the kitchen cabinets.


20121005-075818.jpg One idea I have for the space is to take off 24 inches from the bathroom depth and put the kitchen cabinets back in that space. That way your not having to contend with a big post less than a foot from you. Or potentially not even have kitchen cabinets on that side. Maybe we use this space as a closet. For the bathroom, I thought it would flow better if the toilet was next to the wall, and the shower was turned sideways from what it is shown in the photograph. It opens up the space and doesn’t enclose the shower so much.

After meeting with the HD guy again, we reworked the design.

After all of the ideas we and up with and the designs we tried, ultimately K and I both think the bathroom is way too big for us. We are only working with 500 sqft and we aren’t planning on living in our bathroom.

We decided to take off about 4 ft from the bathroom. We still haven’t decided what we are doing for the kitchen but that will come.


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