Pre inspection.

I just found out today the homestead cabin passed pre-inspection and we were approved for a rehab permit! This basically means one permit acts as an umbrella for all permits normally needed for a home renovation. We don’t have to get a separate permit for the electric, water, roof, kitchen/ bath, and so on. From what I understand, it is common practice with the old homestead cabin.  There are still are few dotting the high desert here in Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley and 29 Palms; and a few people looking for the challenge to take these gnarly shit shacks on as a (big) project.

From what I understand the homestead has to be in fairly descent condition having walls and somewhat of a roof in order for it to to even be considered. The inspector Gary from the Joshua Tree, San Bernardino county office, told me normally block cabins are in such bad shape, they usually tell the owners they have to tear them down. He said ours is in really good shape. Obviously I was very happy hearing this.

Wednesday is the big day. It happens to be the only day the county office grants paying contractors/ residents permits. I will be there bright and early at 8am.

One major thing addressed in pre-inspection was the roof and the main support beam.  The center beam holding up the rafters has to removed and a new glue lam beam is going to replace it. It will span the full length of the cabin. It is going to be a 4×12 instead of a 4×6 and it won’t need a support column. 2×6’s have to be added between the existing 4 x6’s because there isn’t enough support. It is a big job and wont be cheap, but it will be a lot safer. I thought about doing the work myself, but I would have to piece the support together and still have a center post. I like the idea of having one main beam rather than piecing it together and hoping it works the way it should. In order for this to happen, it requires a lot of heavy lifting and shearing up the walls to pull out the existing 4×6 beam there now. That is something I am willing to pay someone to do.

Besides all the house talk, life in Joshua Tree has been pretty great so far. After not being able to see the sky for several years in NYC, It’s so incredible to wake up to the sunrise and watch the sunset on the porch in the evenings.




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