We have a REHAB PERMIT!!!


After all of the debating back and forth whether or not we should get the county involved, we did.

It is unbelievable how many people told us not to get a permit or to deal with the county. One guy told us, “they are like the police, once they get into your house it’s all over.” My favorite was, “that is why the county is called San BernardiNOo.” In the end, I went my gut, and I’m glad I did.

The county bases the cost of a rehab permit off of the square footage of the house and a percentage rate. My cabin is 25’x20 and it cost about $320 for the rehab permit.


Today I removed some of the window boards in preparation for window installation. After pulling off the plywood on the north facing side, it was like a completely different space with the views.  I realized I wanted my kitchen below the large window facing north.  I am hoping the plumber doesn’t say it will be too much work or money.

We ordered windows and doors from Home Depot and it has been nothing but a hassle. I won’t go into great detail with all of the mishaps but I will mention how messed up the “special ordered” doors were.  So messed up we ended up returning them.  Two days after returning the doors, it just so happened to be the “Managers blow out Special Sale.”  And guess what doors we ended up buying back for a ridiculously cheap price!  They were worth it this time around.

Today I installed the door facing the sunset patio.  It feels very monumental being that it is the first real structural work done to the place besides the beginning of the roof.




I met with Brian Rush today from Rush Construction. We are going to have him put in a new beam that spans the full length of the cabin and put in some 2×6’s between the existing rafters.  We knew something had to be done, and really this is the main reason why I wanted to have the inspector come in the first place. I didn’t want to be sitting around drinking a cup of tea in the morning with K and then all of the sudden a random earthquake shakes the roof loose onto us. It isn’t going to be cheap but then again neither was rent in NYC.


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