Getting a BiG beam today!

To my surprise when I pulled up to the cabin at 8:45 this morning, the carpenter Brian and his helper were at the cabin. They started at 7:30 AM and already did so much.

The roof was prepped and ready for the main beam to be removed.  The rafters were propped up with 2×4’s to support the weight of the roof. Then the rafters were cut and disconnected from the original support which was then removed completely.  The only thing left holding up the roof at that point was the 2×4’s. The crane showed up around 12:30 to lift the 25′ x 16.5 main beam in place. Lastly, they attached the rafters to it.   It was a lot of heavy work I would not have been able to do myself and I’m glad we paid someone to do it!

During the process, it made me realize how much light we are not getting in the cabin. We don’t have any south facing windows, so it is fairly dark inside. We are considering the possibility of a skylight.






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