The bathroom framing is done. Oddly enough it makes the space seem bigger not smaller like I thought it would.

I decided to put in a key code lock on the door.  I LOVE IT!  It is soooo perrrfect.  I don’t have to worry about pulling out my keys and fussing around.  A light turns on the keypad once you push any button, so at night there is no issue.  We got the idea from an amazing  house we rented in Abiquiu, NM from http://www.vrbo.com. We thought it was the greatest idea for a vacation rental.  No worrying about finding the key under the mat or the rock to the left of the can under the 3rd step.

Since we decided to keep the original color of the salmon block cabin you see spotted across Joshua Tree, we felt color was a must somewhere on the house. The only remaining door, which was eaten by termites, had remnants of teal under the scraped paint. So it was an easy choice what the color would add to the cabin. The front door was a teal once before and now once again.  It is an Egypian ancient belief that teal wards of off evil. Native Americans associate the color to fertility, water, and the endless sky.  Besides all that, teal just makes me happy. Right now I am wearing a teal sweatshirt, teal headband, turquoise earings, and porcupine quills with turquoise beads! OH how I love teal.


Today I had a nice visit from a tarantula. It was randomly walking next to a piece of plywood.  This was the second one I have come across while living in JT. I’m just glad it was only a tarantula.  I find them kind of cute because they are fuzzy. Since reading their bite is equal to a bee sting, I am less fearful of them.  I feel sorry for them in a way because they live as recluses.  I wonder if they ever get lonely for other tarantulas?


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