Turtle Avenue

I thought it was time to update a little, and I mean a little. The roof is slowly being put on. Since the metal roofing is so awkward in size K helps me on the weekends.

The electric company came out and wrote up a design to run the power to the cabin. It will be $268.00 to have it run underground or $1700 overhead. Here is a good example why you should not listen to what other people tell you. Over and over I was told, “overhead is always cheaper.”



Meanwhile, I have been occupied with a new addition to the family and her name is Oola. K has never had a puppy so little ms Oola is her little baby. However, it seems as though I have picked up a another job as her nanny. She is named after “Oola the Owl who Lost Her Hoot.” Oola is a little owl in a childrens book who went out at night and hooted so much the next day couldn’t find her hoot. So she took off to find it. It seemed fitting for our new little puppy who resembles an owl. Not to mention the name Oola is fun to say. Oola la la!

It is Oola’s unfortunate fortune, and ours, she has parvo. The day after we adopted her we noticed she was having excessive amounts of fluid coming from anywhere it could possibly come from. That evening we came home from the vet and had to throw out all of her new toys and her bed we just bought her. Having two other dogs at home, we have to worry about them and the possibly of transmitting the deadly doggy flu. It’s not comforting when the vet tells you the dog has a 50/50 chance to live and that is suppose to be encouraging. So we spent about 2 hours cleaning and bleaching just about anything we could think of Oola, K and myself might have walked on or touched with the chance we were spreading it.


Regardless of anything the day or months bring, the sunsets and sunrises are my favorite time of day here in Joshua Tree, and you can always see them.



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