Today we had our very last inspection. Not only did we pass, we were complimented by the inspectors! We received our certificate of occupancy and our final electric was approved and the electric company should have us connected to the grid by Friday!



ImageI’m pretty impressed with the size of our on demand hot water heater. It will be under the kitchen sink on one side of the cabinet.
Titan 120 made in Miami Florida-
Dimensions: 7″W x 10″H x 2.75″D
Weight: 8 Lbs
Water Connections: 1/2″
Water Pressure (Max): 150 psi
Voltage: 220 / 240
Min. Flow Rate (Activation): 0.5 GPM
Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 Year Electrical Components / 10 Years Warr

So happy we will be heating water only when we actually need it.


We stained the floor with two different colors. A Saltillo color for the base coat and a dark chocolate brown for the top. It worked out the way we hoped it would with the sand out here. When the dust gets on the floor it isn’t so obvious with the base color being the same color as the dirt/ sand. And the dark brown in the deeper crevices makes it look like it is already dirty so it never really looks dirty even though it might be.

We had High Desert Air install a minisplit (heat pump and ductless AC unit in one). It has “green” chlorine-free R410A refrigerant, high efficiency DC inverter-driven twin rotary compressor so it super efficient. It’s hooked up to a 20 amp breaker which I find incredible for an air conditioner or heater.

Since we were originally going to go with an on demand propane hot water heater, there were two pipes stubbed out of the house for the heater. It worked out perfect. We used the water pipes for the washing machine hookups. Eventually we will build a little lean-to against the house for the washing machine presently sitting in our cargo container.
ImageMeanwhile it has been heating up and we are trying to get the fence up while doing everything else. The attempt at a snake proof fence has been challenging to say the least. It is super time consuming. Which isn’t the best thing at this point especially since the snakes are back on the move. I saw one on our road the other week that was longer than the width of a car. Image


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