The 1954

So we did it again. We bought another place built in 1954. Only this time this 1100 sqft mid century mess is in Palm Springs. We were looking to buy up in Joshua Tree but there was nothing worth buying at the time.

The 1954 Sunny Dunes house is a little bigger than we like but we bought with the idea of restoring it back to its original roots and then selling it or turning it into a vacation rental.



It’s a horrible mess. I’m not sure what the previous owners were going for prior to us or if they were even aware themselves. They were either inexperienced DIYers or what their story is. Long story short pretty much everything has to be redone.

Since the old gas heater was not in existence, we put Fujitsu AC/ heat inverter (mini split) in the house. After owning the Gree mini split, I don’t think I will ever own another form of heat or Airconditioning. They are so efficient.


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