Where do I start?

The Sunny Dunes house is starting to shape in to something more than a mess. It still has a million things that need to be done, but our vision is finally taking on a physical form.

Even though Kat and I wore protective equipment, and legally removed up to 200 sqft of asbestos tile as home owners, it was one of the dumbest things we (I) have ever done when it comes to home rehab jobs. I WILL NOT ever do this again!! I was locked in an air tight room for 8 hours scraping and scraping and scraping. We used a spray bottle to keep down the fibers, taped off the room with plastic, boxed and double wrapped the removed tiles, took it to the proper dump in LA, used Bean-e-doo mastic remover (which is non toxic soybean based product), and mopped and mopped and mopped our new floors. The end product is worth it in my opinion (if we paid someone to do it). There is nothing better than concrete floors. Unless there is an earthquake that rocks Palm Springs, we are planning on polishing up these babies.






The guest bath was (is) a mess. The whole house is one big cover-up on top of covered mess. After many days of stripping away the years of mess ups, I think we are finally getting to the point of bringing it back. In the beginning we were blown away by what had been done (glued 2×4’s, plastic bags stuffed in the walls, gobs of plaster warts to patch holes) but now close to nothing surprises me. The other day I was pulling down an old fence that had been glued to a concrete wall and the 4×4’s were maybe 4″ into the ground. It made it easy to pull out!







Since the heat of the summer is around the corner we shifted gears and started working outside.  Normally this would be very exciting but the amount of work that needs to be done in the yard is overwhelming!

After a day of building the concrete forms for the front walkway, I finished setting and leveling them. The next day was hell day. 45 bags of 90lb Quickrete Concrete later, walla! Insta-wakway! The morning after, I made sure to drop in at the local Chinese message stop for some much needed muscle relaxing. For what ever reason I decided to hand mix 4.5 tons of concrete in the the wheelbarrow instead of renting a concrete mixer. Next time I will be renting a mixer.



The pool is taking shape. We ran into a little problem with grade and had to take down the backyard a few inches, about 6. I am not sure how the calculations work out exactly but the further out from the house you get, the lower the grade gets. In the end, we have to add a raised wall onto the pool to act as a retaining wall. Since we are doing this, we decided to add a spillway to help cool the water off in the summers 120 degree heat.

The tile at the water line is a simple white. We wanted the extended pool wall to be concrete  giving it very monochromatic zen zero space feel.   Since it will be over the water, it has been suggested to tile it so the harsh chemicals won’t eat away at the concrete. So the solution was to go with a grey tile that has a similar concrete look but will  be porcelain tile.

After running around to 4 different tile stores, we found a overpriced tile we thought would work great. Amazingly enough we found the same tile but in a larger size for quarter of the price by the contractors desk!







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