The pool is officially complete.  Minus the inch of sand the wind has blown in this last crazy winding week, we are happy with it! Our in-floor cleaning system has cleaned up most of the sand but it is playing catch up.  NOW it’s time to landscape and keep the sand out of the pool.

There is one thing we didn’t think of… a light in the spa. Hmmm who would of thought 4 walls would block light from the rest of the pool…not us 🙂 It’s one of those mess up we are kind of bothered by, but easily remedied by adding a floating solar spa light.  NBD

I’m not sure what to do about the existing fence.  If money wasn’t an issue I would probably have a block fence built. BUT that is way too expensive.  I have about 50 ficus we bought about 6 months ago for a killer deal sitting in my yard…I could use them to create a living fence but then there is the fact we live in the desert and that is a lot of water which also equals $$.

At some point I am going to run water over to the equipment wall for a shower.  With that in mind I want to plant a tree/s nearby to catch the grey water from the shower. The other day I had mentioned to Kat I only wanted to plant things we could eat. Which brings me back to the ficus and how wrong it seems to plant them. I could go on…what isn’t obviously wrong…pool, water, massive amounts of salt for the pool, ridiculous amount of electric used to run the cleaning pump and waterfall, gas fire-pit…








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