The update….lots of photos for many months come and gone. 20140420-211210.jpg20140512-210445.jpg20140512-210521.jpg 20140512-210501.jpg20140512-210645.jpg IMG_7448 IMG_7821 IMG_7835IMG_7834  IMG_7836 IMG_7837 IMG_7934

The pool is complete, ficus are planted along the fence line for future privacy.

We had to cover our sandy backyard with something otherwise it would ruin the pool equipment.  Ultimately we went with grass in the backyard.  I started putting rock down and  experienced a fowl odor on warm days and realized rock probably wasn’t the best idea with dogs.  Before laying the rock, I put black 6 mil plastic to keep Bermuda grass and other weeds from growing up between the rock.   It took a few days but I finally woke up from my work induced go-mode when it hit me that dog urine sits on the top of plastic and cooks in the desert sun. Not the most pleasant odor. I thought I better remove the rock I already laid and find a better solution.  In total we planted about 350 square ft of grass.   Not horrible, but not the best.  But when you have dogs and a pool in the same location, it seems like the best solution, at least to us. With grass, came the addition of an  irrigation system.

We went with Mexican black river rock between the sidewalk and started to build a shed.  Rather than having an odd block wall in the middle of the backyard, we utilized the pool equipment wall as a starting place for the shed.  It should tie together nicely. Our outdoor shower will be mounted on the outside of the wall and the giant Birds of Paridise and mexican palms I planted will give some  additional privacy when showering.

IMG_7535 IMG_7616 IMG_8202


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