LiL Bits

IMG_6645 Now that the mold and termite issues are resolved, we are finally moving on with the inside of the Palm Springs house.  It has been a 6 month long pause and we are absolutely done with camping in our inside-out house.  When we first found out about the mold and termites we thought we would temporarily rent a place – but who rents to 2 people with 3 dogs for only 3 months (at least we thought it would be).  Then we thought about buying a trailer in Horizon Park near Araby Trail.  We didn’t want to get strapped with the $600 a month rent fee after we were done using the trailer so we scratched that idea. IMG_6662 Instead of a trailer, we adopted a vintage 1967 Airstream Globetrotter to live in our drive temporarily and then once done living in it, use it as a vacation rental.   Since I didn’t have the time to get it in live-in condition, we took it too Wagner RV out of Indio & Morongo Valley.  BAD IDEA.  They had it from August to January.  A very negative experience and I will avoid writing about it other than saying it was the worst experience with a business. We never even got a chance to live in the Airstream. We stayed in the house confined to the guest room and the guest bath with the toilet, shower, using the shower to brush our teeth and wash our faces since there wasn’t/ isn’t a sink… IMG_6798 IMG_6789 Since the termite and mold discovery, I have spent most of my time working on the front and the back yard.  I removed a ridiculous amount of sand probably at least 20 tons just to get things somewhat level for the low desert rock.  At some point we will add in more edibles other than fruit trees and cacti. IMG_7545 IMG_8204 The pool equipment wall was an odd structure  behind the pool so we used it as the beginning point for the shed. Thankfully, Lowes does not throw out their not-so-perfect wood. It takes a little longer to work with warped wood but worth the 50% off savings. The door is a craigslist find from a mid century remodel and it even came painted a perfect turquoise. I would be happy living in the shed…it is the perfect size for me. K and I keep saying the PS house is way too big for us (1,200 sqft) we are happy with about 400 – 600 sqft. IMG_8215 IMG_8450 Summer, fall, and winter flew by…well I guess it is still winter but it is unbelievable how fast this year went by.  We had a lot of challenges with the PS house but some great things happened during the year including buying the little blue homestead cabin across from our other homesteader in Joshua Tree.  I remember working on our cabin and looking out at the homesteader thinking I am buying that one day. Mainly because it was a complete shit hole (still is) and I wanted to fix up the lil 280 sqft blue square of cuteness.  I am thouroghly obsessed with putting life back into the old homesteaders.  As fate would have it, we ended up just putting in an offer on property on the other side of our homestead cabin. The house burnt down a few months ago and I have always loved the land which backs up to the mountain, so now no-one can destroy the mountain view with a bunch of desert trash.  The bonus feature is the garage survived the fire and the water meter is paid, septic still exists but the electric was cut due to the house fire.


lil blue homesteader

turtle crossing

In contract with property on the other side of us



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