Months Later…

So it has been about 6 months and a lot has been done at the PS mess.  The mold, termites are gone.  We removed all of the old windows and replaced them with Millgard aluminum thermal break windows and sliders.  We opened the walls in the bedrooms and installed sliders out to the pool.  The master bath received a door out to the pool.  The plumbing was reworked and electric in the master bath and throughout the house….then I called the drywall guys to come and fix the mess I made!  It took them a week to do the drywall but it was sooooo worth it. IMG_8940 IMG_8957IMG_8966IMG_8972IMG_8987 IMG_9630 IMG_9609 We removed our old 1950’s metal cabinets (super gross) to take to the powder coaters, picked out the right white, and made sure the appliances we bought matched.  We were going to buy old appliances from the 50’s but we decided to go with new appliances that looked old due to the ability to accurately match the whites and the high cost of potential repairs. In the end we went with Big Chill appliances. We removed the wall between the living room and the kitchen. Neither one of us really liked how cramped it felt especially since it is a galley kitchen, it felt like a cocoon. I decided to go with wood counters to soften the space considering this was going to be a white kitchen and a concrete kitchen floor…we needed some warmth.  Besides I loved they way it looked in this pic I found on Pinterest. So we went with walnut.  I love the contrast of the dark wood with the white…. IMG_8820IMG_8839IMG_8842IMG_8911IMG_8912IMG_8917IMG_9022IMG_9023 IMG_9289IMG_9293IMG_9311IMG_9327IMG_9595 IMG_9024 IMG_9665 IMG_0132IMG_9667IMG_9779 It has been fun but hard especially on the pups.  But they seem to adjust fairly well as long as they have their beds and their mommies.  At times I was pretty desperate while working on the kitchen…a tofu dog, caulk gun, fork, some tape and fire was good enough for a meal 🙂 Breakfast was frequently chocolate and a decaf Starbucks.  Yup… No matter what the day brings…there is always a chance to relax and enjoy this beautiful life 🙂 IMG_9362IMG_0098 IMG_9692IMG_0177IMG_0182IMG_0180IMG_0178The kitchen is still a work in progress….we just got our Big Chill range in the other week after waiting 3 months for its delivery along with the hood for the range.  Since I have shifted gears and started working up the hill in Joshua Tree, the house will get done, but when who knows 🙂


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