Work starts on the Greenhouse!

IMG_0557Work has finally started on the GREENHOUSE aka the Blue house. Anything will be better than what it is right now.  One question: why would anyone paint it that color blue… over the turquoise it once was!  I cannot wait to scrape the paint and give it a new emotion.

Some things that need to be done from glancing at the homestead:

  • Roof needs to be torn off replaced
  • Porch need to be torn down. It is unsafe 16’x7′ space
  • Remove concrete pavers
  • Clean up all trash/ collection of who know what!
  • Hook up electric
  • Run new water line
  • Install rough plumbing and go from there
  • Create floor plan.
  • Pull up tiles
  • Rip out drywall
  • IMG_0542 IMG_0548 IMG_0559 IMG_0565 IMG_0571

The little old 1956 homestead cabin is on 2.5 acres and the inside measurements are a whopping 14’4″x 11’4″= 164 sqft whoohoo!  Looking forward to the challenging layout and redesign.


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