Figuring it all out

IMG_0921 Starting to plan out the size and whether or not we are really going to expand or keep it simple and small.

I went to the county to find out some info and found out there are some new rules in place since 2012.  You must have a fire letter for inspection for anything over 400 sqft.  Plans now must go through the county rather than staying right here in JT and getting approved.  This process can take up to 3-4wks before they can be approved.You can pay for the  expidited  process but costs up to 50% more.

I believe I have decided on putting the kitchen and bath in the existing sq footage and add a porch structure to the east of the homesteader and install glass sliders/ windows.  This will act as the sleeping room/ star room. On the south side of the homestead I plan on tearing down the old lean-to porch and rebuild a safe solid porch doing it in a similar manner as the east side extension. Will this be enclosed with screen, glass doors, does this become part of the house? Not sure as of yet.

I cleaned out all the trash out of the cabin. Sprayed bleach on the walls & floor to decrease the potential of any diseases including hantavirus.

Measured the surplus of vintage supplies salvaged from years past in our cargo container:

66″ metal Youngstown by Mullins sink cabinets, 36″ 50’s electric stove, large window from HD new 68.25″x70.5, Large stainless steel sink with counter 53.25″, single sink base for kitchen 26.5″

We are hoping to use the Youngstown kitchen cabinets we bought about a year ago from a lady who practically gave it to us. It would work perfect for the time period of the cabin.


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