I had the hardest time with the layout. The flow of the space just didn’t feel right so I was going back and forth about where to put the door.  Should I actually add on and how much should I add on. The front of the cabin doesn’t allow enough space for the door to be next to the window unless I alter the size. I want to try to keep the window size the same so that was out. Ultimately the side made the most sense. As far as adding on I plan on tearing down the poorly built lean-to patio and rebuilding it.

When I opened up the wall for the door I could not believe how hard it was to remove the 2×4’s. Come to find out each horizontal wood slat had 3 nails in the vertical 2×4. Each 2×4 had 45 nails total. As much as the structure looks like it is going to fall over, that cabin isn’t going anywhere even in a earthquake.

Being that the space is only like 168 square feet inside, the more windows the better. I bought a 4×4′ window for $40 at HD two years back because it didn’t have a screen so I will be installing it next to the door on the east wall.


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