Trotting to Tortoise

  The 1967 Airstream Globetrotter has finally found its home amongst the creosote bushes on the Tortoise Crossing property.  We are days away from the magic button being pushed …and….finally we get the official permits for the garage conversion. SO EXCITED! Until then we are slowly finishing up some things at the Palm Springs house […]

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       I had the hardest time with the layout. The flow of the space just didn’t feel right so I was going back and forth about where to put the door.  Should I actually add on and how much should I add on. The front of the cabin doesn’t allow enough space for the door to […]

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I had to take the dreaded trip to the dump today and take all the drywall and excess house materials pulled from the cabin.  It really made me rethink my consumption and recycling practices. Not to mention I made a huge mistake and wore flip-flops to the dump.  I can’t say I have ever done […]

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Feels Good

  We went with the Niagera/Stealth toilet again.  We used the same at our other homestead and our PS house.  They only use 0.8 of a gallon. Love it.

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Destruction and Design

I Finally scrapped up the hideous 1990’s sticky tiles. Pulled off drywall from the south and west walls.  K and I finally finalized the layout of the kitchen and bathroom.  After spending the weekend going back and forth about the designs we decided to work with the existing square footage of the original homestead cabin.

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Figuring it all out

I am starting to plan out the size for the Greenhouse and whether or not we are really going to expand or keep it simple and small. I went to the county to find out some info and found out there are some new rules in place since 2012.  You must have a fire letter […]

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We have LIGHTS!

ELECTRIC IS ON! To my amazement everything is working. By the end of the week the mess around the cabin should be hauled out thanks to a  couple hundred bucks and a neighbor.

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It is amazing how easy it is to have the electric turned on when the wires are still hooked up and running to the electric panel and the meter hasn’t been pulled!  When I rehabbed our  cabin 54 it was the very last thing to be turned on. I needed to be “green tagged” by […]

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