Months Later…

So it has been about 6 months and a lot has been done at the PS mess.  The mold, termites are gone.  We removed all of the old windows and replaced them with Millgard aluminum thermal break windows and sliders.  We opened the walls in the bedrooms and installed sliders out to the pool.  The […]

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LiL Bits

Now that the mold and termite issues are resolved, we are finally moving on with the inside of the Palm Springs house.  It has been a 6 month long pause and we are absolutely done with camping in our inside-out house.  When we first found out about the mold and termites we thought we would […]

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The update….lots of photos for many months come and gone.     The pool is complete, ficus are planted along the fence line for future privacy. We had to cover our sandy backyard with something otherwise it would ruin the pool equipment.  Ultimately we went with grass in the backyard.  I started putting rock down and […]

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Turtle Avenue

I thought it was time to update a little, and I mean a little. The roof is slowly being put on. Since the metal roofing is so awkward in size K helps me on the weekends. The electric company came out and wrote up a design to run the power to the cabin. It will […]

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The bathroom framing is done. Oddly enough it makes the space seem bigger not smaller like I thought it would. I decided to put in a key code lock on the door.  I LOVE IT!  It is soooo perrrfect.  I don’t have to worry about pulling out my keys and fussing around.  A light turns […]

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Today the framing of the bathroom was started. I also finished the outside trim on the front door. Now all it needs is a lock.

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Today we put in all of the windows!! It only took us about 4 hours and it was so easy. All it took was some muscle and some screws.  It is amazing what a few windows to can to a place!  No more boards.  The cabin is really starting to look like a habitable home. […]

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Getting a BiG beam today!

To my surprise when I pulled up to the cabin at 8:45 this morning, the carpenter Brian and his helper were at the cabin. They started at 7:30 AM and already did so much. The roof was prepped and ready for the main beam to be removed.  The rafters were propped up with 2×4’s to support […]

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Sunrise patio

I installed the front door “sunrise patio,” otherwise known as the midget door (Home Depots -2″ width mess up). Possibly the carpenter comes tomorrow to do the main support. I didn’t hear from him to confirm, but the wood showed up for the job. The delivery driver told me about his grandfather homesteading up in […]

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We have a REHAB PERMIT!!!

After all of the debating back and forth whether or not we should get the county involved, we did. It is unbelievable how many people told us not to get a permit or to deal with the county. One guy told us, “they are like the police, once they get into your house it’s all […]

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