Work starts on the Greenhouse!

Work has finally started on the GREENHOUSE aka the Blue house. Anything will be better than what it is right now.  One question: why would anyone paint it that color blue… over the turquoise it once was!  I cannot wait to scrape the paint and give it a new emotion. Some things that need to […]

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Months Later…

So it has been about 6 months and a lot has been done at the PS mess.  The mold, termites are gone.  We removed all of the old windows and replaced them with Millgard aluminum thermal break windows and sliders.  We opened the walls in the bedrooms and installed sliders out to the pool.  The […]

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LiL Bits

Now that the mold and termite issues are resolved, we are finally moving on with the inside of the Palm Springs house.  It has been a 6 month long pause and we are absolutely done with camping in our inside-out house.  When we first found out about the mold and termites we thought we would […]

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The update….lots of photos for many months come and gone.     The pool is complete, ficus are planted along the fence line for future privacy. We had to cover our sandy backyard with something otherwise it would ruin the pool equipment.  Ultimately we went with grass in the backyard.  I started putting rock down and […]

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The pool is officially complete.  Minus the inch of sand the wind has blown in this last crazy winding week, we are happy with it! Our in-floor cleaning system has cleaned up most of the sand but it is playing catch up.  NOW it’s time to landscape and keep the sand out of the pool. There […]

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I have been taking a break from the Palm Springs Sunny Dunes house and spending the majority of my days up in Joshua Tree. Working on improving the lil Scamp aka Camping Cubbyhole in Joshua Tree has been quite the treat. Spring is without a doubt my favorite season in Joshua Tree. The creosote bushes […]


Brief Pause

Family has headed back north and we are recouping from a long visit, two months              L     O        N         G. It seems like everytime I go on vacation there is this clarity I don’t normally have. It’s the same thing that […]

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Where do I start?

The Sunny Dunes house is starting to shape in to something more than a mess. It still has a million things that need to be done, but our vision is finally taking on a physical form. Even though Kat and I wore protective equipment, and legally removed up to 200 sqft of asbestos tile as […]

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The 1954

So we did it again. We bought another place built in 1954. Only this time this 1100 sqft mid century mess is in Palm Springs. We were looking to buy up in Joshua Tree but there was nothing worth buying at the time. The 1954 Sunny Dunes house is a little bigger than we like […]

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A work in progress

Well…it’s been a LONG time since I last posted. The cabin is complete, well, there will always be projects I want to do, like converting the cargo container we currently use for storage and a stretch of fencing for the back yard. Hey! It saved us 40′ of fencing materials. At some point I hope […]

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