I have been taking a break from the Palm Springs Sunny Dunes house and spending the majority of my days up in Joshua Tree. Working on improving the lil Scamp aka Camping Cubbyhole in Joshua Tree has been quite the treat. Spring is without a doubt my favorite season in Joshua Tree. The creosote bushes are in bloom and if we are all lucky enough in the desert, there is a beautiful explosion of wildflowers! And we are LUCKY! We are not the only desert dwellers who are very excited about spring. Unfortunately, the first snake of the season I noticed was dead on Aberdeen heading out of town. 20140424-214049.jpg 20140424-214133.jpg 20140426-223742.jpg 20140426-223754.jpg 20140426-223805.jpgOver the years the camper has rolled through a few towns and the (very) funky (not in a good way)1980’s blue carpet was ready do be retired. Some paint touch ups, new electric plugs, drawer pulls, new curtain rods (ewww fancy), and some salvaged scrap pine I had from the Sunny Dunes house was used for the NEW floor.

The Scamp is now officially off of her Camping Cubbyhole axels. It has been incredibly windy up in Joshua Tree the last few days and the Scamp does not shake anymore! I hear the wind howling and don’t feel a thing, it’s great!

I am not sure what to do about the repeated wind sail, sailing away issues in the JT high winds…hmmm also, not sure if I want to put in a fenced area for pets, mine and or other guests.  Maybe I want to build a deck with some sort of cover?  And do I really want to put up another fence? I am not sure what to do with the insulation covered in white carpet on the walls.  It is definitely is an issue when it comes to cleaning it.  If I took it out, I would be removing the insulation and then I would have the glue on the walls to contend with.