I have been taking a break from the Palm Springs Sunny Dunes house and spending the majority of my days up in Joshua Tree. Working on improving the lil Scamp aka Camping Cubbyhole in Joshua Tree has been quite the treat. Spring is without a doubt my favorite season in Joshua Tree. The creosote bushes […]


Barn Door & Bathroom Door

Yesterday I finally started working on the bathroom door. We decided to go with a sliding door to utilize the space the best way we could. I was thinking of painting it either white or staining the wood similar to the kitchen cabinet doors. I already beat the wood to give it a distressed look. […]

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It’s 2013 and…

A lot has been done since I last posted. The corrugated roof was finished in December and is much more rusted than in these photos. Before the winter holidays, my father came into town for a month. When he was here we were able to get the electrical finished for the most part. As of […]

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Today was a very monumental day. Water was stubbed into the house and there are pipes in what is going to be our new bathroom.

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We have a REHAB PERMIT!!!

After all of the debating back and forth whether or not we should get the county involved, we did. It is unbelievable how many people told us not to get a permit or to deal with the county. One guy told us, “they are like the police, once they get into your house it’s all […]

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A lot has happened since I last updated. We ordered the roofing, picked up the roofing, and it is sitting inside our cabin. We are going to put it on this weekend. We put in the water main from the street to the cabin. After looking at the windows a little closer, we realized they […]

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Slow moving

A lot has happened but very little has been done. In the last two weeks we have managed to get the homestead cabin cleaned out. The pigeons have been officially evicted. And a new roof is presently being put on. So far it has been dried in. Two days ago we went over to Mark […]

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