Brief Pause

Family has headed back north and we are recouping from a long visit, two months              L     O        N         G.

It seems like everytime I go on vacation there is this clarity I don’t normally have. It’s the same thing that happens when relatives leave. Some self reflection happens. One of the things I realized is the house restoration in Palm Springs is way larger than I wanted. I’m looking forward to getting done and getting back to work on lil homesteaders of the hi-des. I love Palm Springs, but there is somthing about the lil mini cabin crack shacks. I get so much more out of taking the infested, teatering heap of desert dots and filling them back with life. So many dreams from 60 years past…left to the wind and suns harshness. They are just sitting there with their doors and windows open waiting…


The pool is heading towards the finish line…at least I hope. The tile is up, raised pool wall, concrete poured, water fall fountain, block wall built in front of pool equipment… Electric, gas and plastering just needs to happen. Since the pool is almost done, the reality of the rest of the yard mess is around the corner.





Oh…one other thing, time I get back in the studio-